Selling houses

Understanding where buyers come from allows my Realty Executives team and me to market your home more effectively. While buyers use a variety of information sources to learn about homes for sale in their target neighborhood, it’s common knowledge that the vast majority will discover your home with the assistance of a real estate professional and the Internet.

That is why it is so important for me to offer a powerful combination of expert real estate representation and a dominant Internet presence.

My marketing plan reaches and attracts potential buyers throughout our community, our state and around the world.


Home Staging Tips
When selling your home you must begin to experience your home as a potential buyer might.  Imagine looking at your home through a different pair of eyes – your potential buyer’s eyes.

First Step:  See What Your Buyer Sees…
Walk outside your property.  Take a look at the front door and the overall curb appeal.  Notice the condition of the paint, the trim, the light fixtures, the door hardware and, if you own a detached, home notice the lawn and landscaping.  In looking at your home through a potential buyer’s eyes, how does it look?  Are there things you need to address?

Second Step:  Create a clean canvas…
hen setting the stage for your home to be ‘for sale,’ you must take into consideration how a buyer will feel while viewing your home. You want to create an environment where potential buyers can visualize themselves in your home.  If you have a lot of personalized items throughout the house – this may hinder them from doing so. Personalized items may include specific colored walls (as opposed to neutral) or, it might be walls full of pictures and family heirlooms. Again, this will prevent them from thinking about your home as potentially becoming theirs.

Home Staging: Tips to Consider
• Check visibility of house address from the street;
• Create an inviting entry way;
• Keep windows open, light candles or bake items which appeal to a buyer’s sense of smell;
• Pay attention to details such as door knobs, light switches, faucets and polish or replace as necessary;
• Turn on all lights and keep window covering open to keep the space light and bright;
• Remove unnecessary furniture – you want to keep rooms appearing as large as possible;
• Unify your home décor to be as neutral as possible, to appeal to the masses;
• Place plants and fresh flowers to add color and life to rooms.