Market Analysis

Fair market value is set by what a buyer is willing to pay
Determining an appropriate list price is the single act which will have the largest impact on how much or little activity you receive.  I will help you determine the list price of your property through three key steps:

1. Know the physical and material qualities affecting the value and desirability of your home
The condition of your home will impact a buyer’s perception of its value.  Even moderate improvements (such as touch-up paint on walls) can dramatically improve the perceived value, therefore driving buyer interest, offers and, ultimately, a higher purchase price.

2. Know your market conditions
Location, lifestyle opportunities, job growth, the economy, inventory and demand  to name a few are all mitigating factors in how fair market value will be determined for your property.

3. Evaluate your competition
The more we know about the competition, the better prepared I am with how to position and sell your home successfully.  The competition is how we will gauge where we need to be, to get your house SOLD.

It is my responsibility and obligation to help you make an informed decision. 

Statistics Have Shown
• Fair market value pricing will enable you to reach 95% of the buyers searching in your homes criteria
• Just 15% above fair market value will decrease your buyer pool to 20%.

Overpricing your home can mean a decrease in interested buyers and an increase in days on market…

Although the illusion of more walk-away dollars is enticing, overpricing one’s home typically results in the opposite effect. Overpricing a home is often a result of being uninformed or misinformed about the true value of your property.

Serious home sellers that want to sell their home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of  time, do not overprice their home.  If you price your property at fair market value from the beginning you will likely increase your buyer pool and decrease days on market.